Eco Link Association

Group overview(English)

Non Profit Organisation : Association Eco Link
53-6 Kasedahoncho, Minamisatsuma, Kagoshima, 897-0006
President’s name
President  Kôichirô Shimotsu下津 公一郎
Nature, culture, traditions, humans… Even though the Satsuma peninsula has many fascinating treasures, they might all disappear one day because of the climate change, and the lack of rural actors. The abusive use of natural resources without limitation and consideration, will lead to serious consequences for the environment. Therefore, we want to give another good look at Kagoshima’s natural treasures, ensure an overall management, protect and restore the environment, assure the training of successors and future rural actors. We also aim to revitalize regional economic activity by improving cultural exchanges between villages and cities.
In a pluralistic society, victim of many social issues, and victim of an economy that has become more complex in a wide range of different lifestyles, it is necessary to maintain strong bonds with the local populations, to be able to understand the needs and the difficulties of rural areas. We are deeply involved in the education of future generations, to reach an environmentally responsible society. We aim to revitalize rural areas, develop projects to protect the environment, and promote urban development through tourism. The protection of the environment and the education of the new generations through nature classes and school trips, are at the heart of our action. Therefore, we are stimulating the local populations by creating a dialogue between villages and cities, to revitalize the local economy. We also started this year to promote Kagoshima prefecture’s rural areas abroad, and we would like to welcome foreign tourists in our regions, for a homestay experience in local farms, with a new program of activities.
Full-time employees : 4 ; Part-time employee : 1. (35 members)
【Educational school trip・Abalone culture】
October 2003 : Educational homestay trip, 696 participants the first year.
December 2013 : Educational homestay trip, 19 500 participants.
September 2018 : Educational homestay trip since 2003. 10 000 participants in 2018 and 3-4 foreign schools.

・Classes about the relationship between Human and Nature(National Institution for Youth Education)
・Participation to the Meiji Restoration 150th Anniversary Countdown Project (Kagoshima Prefecture)
・Protection project of the coral reef(Seven-Eleven Foundation)
・Grant for environmental conservation project(Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries)
・Grant to improve the bonds between villages and cities(Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries)
・Reception of international students in Kagoshima (Kagoshima Prefecture)
・Grant for the promotion of rural areas(Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries)etc.